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The Osmo Heim | Infinite Smart Living

The Osmo Heim | Infinite Smart Living Prefabricated house with premium steel structures and a concept of modern refinement in architectural design.

It aims to blend seamlessly with nature, incorporating the unique touch of every surface. Every component is meticulously designed and placed with attention to detail, integrating with cutting-edge technology for a Smart Home & Smart Life system. This provides convenience and meets the needs of families who desire a space for various activities, with a spacious front Terrace that serves as a central hub, allowing family members to spend time together."

Usable area 107 sq m. (including balcony)

Total size 8.00x18.00x4.00 m.(including roof)

Size 2.18x6.00x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 1.82x6.00x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 3.25x6.00x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 5.345x2.50x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 5.345x2.30x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 3.00x4.80x3.00 m. 1 unit

Size 2.40x2.60x3.00 m. 1 unit

Consists of 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 2 living room,

1 walk-in closet and food preparation zone

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Stylish Prefab Living

"The manufacturing factory

international standards,

ISO 9001:2015."


Tel: 02-332-7767

Line ID: @seastrade

Sales Gallery : OnNut 55-2

Open for service : Monday - Saturday (closed on public holidays)

from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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