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ONYX PRIME | Live Borderless

The modern home office is designed with the concept of creating an environment that differs from traditional offices. The building is designed in a modern style, exuding a luxurious appearance on the outside while maintaining a sleek and simple interior design. The workspace is divided into functional zones, adapting to a relaxed and soothing environment, catering to the needs of the new generation's business ventures. The design reflects simplicity, contemporariness, and sophistication, aligning with the identity of the occupants and the building itself.

Thank you to our customer,

for granting us permission to enter and capture the ambiance of this house.

We appreciate your kind cooperation.

Onyx Prime / Home Office

Usable area 201 sq m.

Total size 15.50x13.00x5.60 m.

Size 3.00x6.00x2.80 m. 7 units

Size 3.00x5.00x2.80 m. 1 unit

Size 2.00x6.00x2.80 m. 2 units

Size 2.00x5.00x2.80 m. 2 units

Size 2.00x4.00x2.80 m. 2 units

Consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room,

1 living room, 1 multipurpose room, 1 kitchen and dining room

Interested in our building style? You can follow our at ...


Stylish Prefab Living

"The manufacturing factory

international standards,

ISO 9001:2015."


Tel: 02-332-7767

Line ID: @seastrade

Sales Gallery : OnNut 55-2

Open for service : Monday - Saturday (closed on public holidays)

from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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